Kim Bracey
(D) York City

"The WS Group was crucial to my victory. At every step of my campaign, the WS Group provided expert advice on managing my campaign, increasing my fundraising, executing my field plan, and delivering my message to the voters."

The WS Group’s Record with Mayor-Elect Bracey:

  • Developed a comprehensive plan to guide the campaign’s activities
  • Utilized historical election data to create a realistic field plan and voter goal
  • Helped craft and communicate campaign’s message
  • Exceeded fundraising goals by over 20%

Direct Mail | Fundraising | Strategic Services and Polling

Running for office is a daunting undertaking under the best of circumstances. Deadlines come at your team quickly and many campaigns often struggle to get their footing. The WS Group has run campaigns at every level in Pennsylvania and we understand the pressures your team will face.

We can use our knowledge to help your team get moving on day one – and allow you to focus on what really counts – persuading voters:

  • Working with your campaign team to hone your campaign message
  • Developing comprehensive campaign plans and budgets
  • Utilizing our knowledge of field operations to develop realistic vote goals

Understanding public opinion and testing the messages that move the public can be the difference between success and failure. The WS Group offers customized polling services that give our clients a leg up on the competition. Our polls go beyond the head to head 'horse race' and help our clients understand what their voters believe – and why.

We test voters' opinions on issues, sample positive and negative messages, and determine the values and priorities most important to them. Information that will help your message break through and differentiate you from your opponents.

At the WS Group, our polls aren’t just a snapshot of today…they are a roadmap for tomorrow.

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