Mike McGeehan
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(D) Philadelphia

"When it comes to raising money, the waters can get difficult to navigate. Having an experienced guide like the WS Group is vital."

The WS Group's Record with Rep. McGeehan:

  • Increased total fundraising 50%
  • Created a comprehensive fundraising plan to guide the Representative's fundraising efforts
  • Crafted targeted fundraising solicitations for key donors
  • Managed the Representative’s call time with prospective donors

Direct Mail | Fundraising | Strategic Services and Polling

In today's political environment it takes resources to deliver a winning campaign message. The WS Group is one of the top fundraising firms in Pennsylvania, often doubling and tripling the amount of contributions our clients received in previous years.

The WS Group maintains a comprehensive Pennsylvania-specific donor database that includes approximately 100,000 unique donor records, including contributions to state and local candidates across Pennsylvania. Furthermore, our fundraising work in Pennsylvania has allowed us to refine this database to include information regarding donor preferences and motives, up-to-date employment/industry information, and other valuable donor insights that are not available anywhere else.

In addition, the WS Group can help your campaign achieve its finance goals by:

  • Creating lists of donor activity in your area
  • Helping your campaign create a convincing donor pitch
  • Managing your campaign’s donor call time
  • Organizing successful fundraising events

Simply said, the WS Group strives to take the hassle out of fundraising. The only thing our clients have to do is pick up the phone and make the ask.

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